A Place Of
Self Discovery

Humanity Institute – A 501(c)(3) organization.

The Humanity Institute

A place of love, peace, worldwide unity and self-discovery. The campus is spread over 60 acres of unspoiled countryside south of Atlanta.

World Class Infrastructure
Certified Ayurvedic Experts
Friendly Environment

Key Therapies


A therapeutic combination of massage, herbal saunas, nutritional directives, mild fasting, and colon therapies, Panchakarma treats the whole body to get rid of any accumulated toxins in the body


A classical Ayurvedic method involving steady application of medicated oil or other liquids to the forehead This induces a relaxed state of awareness that improves psycho-somatic balance

Shiro Basti

Shiro means “head”; Shiro Basti involves pooling herbal oils and/or ghee in a container fitted comfortably over one’s head It is often used in treating many disorders involving the senses

Shiro Pichu

An Ayurvedic treatment wherein a sterile cotton pad is dipped in herbal oils on the crown of the head and secured via gauze wrapping.


Absorption of medicine via the nostrils, affecting the mind and nervous system directly.

Recognition & Praise

The Humanity Institute offers important health and well-being guidelines, which is greatly needed in this fractured world in which we all currently live. These practices will aid individuals in achieving physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, resulting in a more peaceful life and a more peaceful world. I am delighted that they have chosen to place their institute in the capital of Georgia.

Mr. Rodney Cook

Mr. Rodney Cook Founder, Millennium Gates and the Cook Peace Park, Atlanta, Georgia

Sen. Emanuel Jones

Georgia State Senate District 10

I am proud to recognize and commend the Institute and its founder, Harshad Patel, for their unwavering dedication to their practices. I extend my best wishes for the continued success of the Humanity Institute in its noble mission.

Our Partners

Phased Development Plan

Phase 1: Land Procurement

Locate and secure suitable real estate for construction of the Humanity Institute Property must be large enough to house. Institute facilities without requiring significant topographic alterations, secluded enough to provide therapeutic respite for guests, and conveniently accessible.

Status: Complete

Phase 2: Facility Construction

Commence initial construction of central buildings (dining halls, memorial plaza, humanity garden, amphitheater, humanity temple, etc ) Landscaping of green spaces (lawn, nature path) follows suit, along with construction of outbuildings and any additional structures necessary for agriculture and horticulture. Here and throughout, design includes input from Ayurvedic specialists, to ensure creation of spaces optimized for therapeutic experiences. Wherever feasible, the construction phase will adhere to principles of sustainability, privileging use of recycled and/or renewable materials.

Status: Ongoing
Projected Start Date: May 2024
Projected Completion Date: May 2027

Phase 3: Program Launch

As construction reaches completion, schedule and begin offering services.

Yoga and Meditation: June 2024
Nutritional Services: December 2024
Ayurvedic Therapies: June 2025
Horticulture and Agriculture Classes: December 2025
Open House: May 2027
Grand Opening:

Phase 4: Operation Budget Allocation

Once open, The Humanity Institute will be self-funding, with revenue coming from additional donations and treatment regimens. Revenue is to be allocated as follows:
20%: Educational Offerings: Comorbidity Prevention (Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer)
20%: Treatment Services: Covering cost of Ayurvedic Treatments
20%: Community Outreach: Emergency Medical Aid, Suicide Prevention, and Mental
Health Awareness
20%: Facilities upkeep and maintenance
20%: Administrative overhead