Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a way of life. Engagement in yoga and meditation practices helps with decreased anxiety and depression levels. Yoga, which at its core is breathwork related to physical postures (or asanas) also provides mind-body benefits. Yoga has elements of meditation built in: a connection between mind, body, and breath and an emphasis on being present.

Different Yoga Asanas

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga & Meditation Therapies

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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga combines gentle yoga, Restorative yoga, energy healing, breathing exercises, and guided meditation to help balance the body and mind. This approach to yoga is suitable for individuals looking for a gentle and restorative form of exercise. The combination of therapeutic yoga techniques is believed to have a range of benefits, including reducing stress, improving physical and mental well-being, and promoting overall health and well-being. This form of yoga is often used to complement other forms of treatment and is considered a powerful tool for improving the health and function of the body’s systems and tissues.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a vigorous and dynamic form that combines physical exercise with mindful breathing and meditation. This style of yoga involves a series of flowing sequences, or vinyasas, that are designed to improve flexibility, strength, and overall physical fitness. Power yoga is often inspired by the Ashtanga yoga tradition and may incorporate a variety of poses and asanas. This style of yoga is suitable for individuals looking for a challenging and physically demanding form of exercise that is also mindful and relaxing and is believed to have a range of benefits, including improving physical and mental well-being, reducing stress, and promoting overall health and well-being.

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Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga, also known as water yoga or aqua fitness, is a form of yoga that is performed in a pool or other body of water. This style of yoga involves using the buoyancy and resistance of the water to enhance the physical and mental benefits of traditional yoga practices. Aqua yoga may include various poses, stretches, and movements adapted to use in the water, as well as breath control and meditation techniques. This form of yoga is often used as a form of physical exercise and is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Aqua yoga has various benefits, including improving flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness, reducing stress and promoting overall health and well-being.

Yog Nidra

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique where the practitioner enters the deep states of conscious relaxation. It is a systematic practice of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world. It brings us to a state of deep sleep where our senses, intellect, and mind relax.

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Mantra Chanting

Guided meditation is a type of meditation practice that involves following the guidance of an instructor or facilitator to achieve a state of relaxation and mindfulness. This practice is based on the belief that meditation, when done correctly and with the guidance of a qualified instructor, can have a range of benefits for physical and mental health. Some benefits of guided meditation include reducing blood pressure, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promoting overall well-being. It is suitable for individuals of all levels of experience and can be a helpful tool for those who are new to meditation or who may find it difficult to practice on their own.

Sound Healing

If you head to a sound healing session or a meditation or yoga practice that uses singing bowls, expect to move deeper into your practice. Smith says the most common thing she hears from students after they experience singing bowls is how relaxed they feel. “There’s something with the sound with the brainwaves that allows them to relax,” she says. “On a rare occasion, we’ll hear some students say that their body actually rocks to the sound, so it’s like this pendulum effect.” gina Breedlove, a medicine woman, says some of her clients also feel a wave of emotion after experiencing the singing bowls. They feel more grounded—and more relaxed in their body.