A place of love, peace, worldwide
unity and self discovery!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide resources that preserve traditions, relieve stress and promote inner peace and unity.

We envision vibrant communities that work for peace, justice, and sustainability with a commitment to religious harmony, nonviolent conflict resolution, health & well-being.

Our goal is to create a unique and rich experience and to provide customized
programs and packages for each guest.

Our Mission

Committed to humanitarian causes, we provide exceptional medicinal and social services, as well as space for spiritual practice, cultural activities, meditation, and personal well being.

Our philosophies and practices will allow individuals, families, civil and military service members and corporations to realize the peace within themselves.

Our Story

The Shree Sai Parivar family had a vision to bring world peace to all by providing resources and programming allowing everyone to thrive. They know from their heritage that living a full life means mind and body alignment.


The Humanity Institute emulates X in X.


“Creating world peace, individual by individual, has become my life commitment and journey. We believe The Humanity Institute will become a place where we will transform the lives of millions,


We can make change, We are stronger together!”


The dream is for all to live in peace while living l’ve to the fullest. The combined skills of those involved will to focus on promoting humanity to all by practising problem solving, working well together and recognizing change. (NEED TO FURTHER EXPLAIN)


The Humanity Institute will be a place of love for all where we promote peace and unity worldwide bringing every culture, ethnicity, and religion together. The Humanity Institute is inspired by Shree Sai baba, one of the most influential spiritual gurus of India, His teachings concentrate on a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace ancl devotion to your own beliefs.

Other inspirational mentors influencing the Humanity Institute include Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa and others who have played a hallmark role in history promoting humanity and unity.

Our Team

Currently the Humanity Institute has an Advisory Board consisting of 12 industry professionals psychologists, teachers, financial consultants, marketing consultants and healthcare providers. The Humanity Institute will engage a psychological and social services team, a medical team led by Kishan Patel, an organic food anti-beverage team, and an operations and lodging team,